Pisonia grandis…A grand problem?

I would love to know any follow up on this study as in Australia there is a similar issue of pisonia grandis vs seabird breeding

Seychelles Seabird Group

Pisonia grandis belongs to the Bougainvillea family and is a native tree to the Seychelles as well as other tropical areas of the world. It looks like a normal tree but there are several rather special adaptations which make it one of the most interesting tree species I have encountered, not to mention the most deadly!

Image Pisonia grandis seeds

Pisonia thrives on islands with few species to outcompete it; it is shade intolerant but is able to re-shoot from fallen trees and branches ensuring that wherever any forest space becomes clear it is the first to re-colonise. Further to this, the tree is fibrous and un-dense and can therefore store water allowing it to flower at any time of year independent of weather. Because it has this low structural integrity there is frequently branch and limb fall, which allows further colonization of the surrounding area. It also flourishes in the…

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